Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Molière or Shakespeare

N'hésitez pas à poster dans la langue de Jean-Baptiste si vous avez des difficultés avec celle de William...

Do not hesitate to post in the language of Jean-Baptiste if you have difficulties with the language of William ...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Windows and removable devices

For I know not what obscure reason, Xp, Vista and Seven are able to access only the first partition on a device identified as removable.

If your device used for DidJiX is identified as such (all are not, especially hard drives, but conventional hard drives are shock sensitive), you can not directly copy your music on its second partition (often called "extended" on this blog) from your Windows.

In this case, from your computer, simply start DidJiX before your Windows system and use the file explorer Qtfm to copy your music from your hard drive to the DidJiX extended partition.

You will find your Windows hard drive and the DidJiX extended partition in the left panel of Qtfm.

Use Win e keys to start Qtfm and notice that your hard drive will be read-only.

Watch this screencast...

Monday, February 25, 2013

DidJiX 1.1 is ready

The new release of DidJiX is up!

You can follow all the changes from the DidJiX repository but, to summarize, the main change is the usage of the kernel mode setting.

Always about the kernel which is now in 3.7.9, the kernel module for the Hercules DJ Console Mk2 is included in this release of DidJiX. You may have to manually load it if udev don't do it automatically.

If you experience problems with this new video mode, you can always start DidJiX in vesa mode at boot prompt. I would appreciate your feedback on this topic.

Download it, try it and mix...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hercules DJ Console Mk2 with DidJiX 1.0

The use of this console requires the presence of specific kernel module that is not included in DidJix... This module is now available here.
Size: 49Ko - Sha1: fc47258b30e0ddcabf107eb7ff9a259213f6a0ab

  • Download and save the DidJiX.1.0.hdjmod.pkg.tar.xz package on the second partition of your DidJiX removable media, where there's all your musics.

  • Start DidJiX, open a terminal over Mixxx with Win t keys, install the downloaded package with pacman, load the specific kernel module,

      cd /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/
      pacman -U DidJiX.1.0.hdjmod.pkg.tar.xz
      modprobe hdj-mod

  • Close the terminal with Ctrl d keys and try your Hercules DJ console...

  • If all is good, change the DidJix behavior to automate all. Open a terminal over Mixxx and run these commands to change your .xinitrc script,

      echo pacman -U /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/DidJiX.1.0.hdjmod.pkg.tar.xz \
      >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc
      echo modprobe hdj-mod >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc

Next release of DidJix will try to include this module... Thanks to Gimmeapill for his work on hdjmod.

Note that the package can be downloaded directly from DidJiX...

  cd /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/
  wget https://bitbucket.org/patatetom/didjix/downloads/DidJiX.1.0.hdjmod.pkg.tar.xz

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

At least 2Gb

If you decide to install DidJiX on removable media like a memory stick or an usb key, it must have a storage capacity equal to or greater than 2Gb. Otherwise, DidJiX initialization will fail...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sound card

The computers on which you run DidJiX generally offer a single sound card and so, you can't make pre-listening with headphones...

Simply add an external usb sound card

and configure Mixxx to use it.

Setting the mixer for this new sound may be necessary... Most external USB sound cards should work without any problem.