Friday, January 4, 2013

Sound card

The computers on which you run DidJiX generally offer a single sound card and so, you can't make pre-listening with headphones...

Simply add an external usb sound card

and configure Mixxx to use it.

Setting the mixer for this new sound may be necessary... Most external USB sound cards should work without any problem.


  1. Usb sound card JMTek, LLC. (0c76) audio controller (1607) works perfectly.
    Vendor and product identifier are obtained with the  lsusb  command.

  2. C-Media Electronics, Inc. Audio Adapter (Planet UP-100, Genius G-Talk) (0d8c:000e) also

  3. Hi, do you know if there's an usb key that does both at once: storage and sound card?

  4. I searched a bit on the internet but I have not found anything like this.
    It would be pretty cool to DidJiX...
    The best way to overcome the lack of pre-listening is to prepare playlists in advance and be familiar with musics.