Monday, February 25, 2013

DidJiX 1.1 is ready

The new release of DidJiX is up!

You can follow all the changes from the DidJiX repository but, to summarize, the main change is the usage of the kernel mode setting.

Always about the kernel which is now in 3.7.9, the kernel module for the Hercules DJ Console Mk2 is included in this release of DidJiX. You may have to manually load it if udev don't do it automatically.

If you experience problems with this new video mode, you can always start DidJiX in vesa mode at boot prompt. I would appreciate your feedback on this topic.

Download it, try it and mix...


  1. Nice work! A great idea, very quick to boot and seemingly very stable.
    BUT! It made my laptop very, very hot (approaching 100c with fan running at full tilt). This is probably caused by the generic graphics driver being used for my ATI/AMD card instead of the proprietary driver. I have to use the proprietary driver on my Linux Mint 13 install to keep it cool (currently at 57c).
    How would I go about adding this driver and setting it up on DidJiX?

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this first return.

    Did you already have this problem with the previous version? If not, can you test the previous version available here?

    You can configure the ATI module directly from the syslinux boot prompt:
    "DidJiX radeon.parametername=value".
    See "modinfo radeon" for parameters...

    You can disable the ATI module from the syslinux boot prompt:
    "vesa modprobe.blacklist=radeon"

    Finally, to answer your question, you can place the Arch package that contains the correct module on the extended partition and use your .bashrc script to install and load unload modules. Have a look at these two tickets (1 2) for inspiration.

  3. To answer your first question, yes, I just tried the earlier version and had the same issue.
    I will give your other suggestion a go later today.
    Thank you :)

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for this nice work, but unfortunately I don't succeed to make it work. Whenever I boot on it and choose DidJiX from syslinux menu, it said 'updating device /dev/sdb, please wait...' and then 'rebooting...' :(
    What I'm doing wrong please?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi,

    The (first) automatic restart of DidJiX is normal on a usb device : at startup, DidJix tries to access the extended partition and, if it does not exist, it creates it from the first giga (with the rest of the free space) and then restart the computer.

    If the computer continues to restart, it is without doubt that its capacity is insufficient or is read-only. See this post...

  6. Oops, sorry, I didn't see this post... Thanks!

  7. The blog may not be the best format for DidJiX ... ;-)

  8. Maybe, I agree... But I should read everything before posting too!! :)
    So I succeed to boot DidJiX thanks to you! However, I've got the same issue than with my 64 bits arch: when I plug in my DJ Control Steel, a kernel panic occurred... :( Does anyone have the same issue with this controller please?
    I really think that for now I will not be able to use it with Linux...

  9. Have you tried with another Linux distribution, Ubuntu for example?

  10. Thanks for the idea, I will try first with linux-lts as soon as I have time, and then if it still not works I will try with another distribution.

  11. Keep this going please, great job!

  12. Thank you!
    Not much time at the moment...