Sunday, December 30, 2012

Keep the historic of Mixxx

The history of Mixxx is stored in ~/.mixxx and therefore in the memory. This is why, whenever you turn off DidJiX, all your games and scores are lost.

To change this behaviour, follow these steps.
  • Open a terminal over Mixxx with Win t keys,
  • run these commands to change your .xinitrc script,

      echo "[ -d /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.mixxx ] || cp -a ~/.mixxx /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/" \
      >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc
      echo "rm -rf ~/.mixxx" >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc
      echo "ln -s /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.mixxx ~" >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc

  • close the terminal with Ctrl d keys and quit Mixxx with Ctrl q keys,
  • at prompt, restart Mixxx with Ctrl c keys or reboot DidJiX with Enter key

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My old laptop as DidJiX...

You have an old laptop and you want it to be your DidJix system, without using an other media... It is possible, and easily, with DidJix! If DidJiX can be installed on an external hard disk, it can be installed on an internal.

  • First, download the lastest DidJiX iso image from the download page,
  • burn iso image onto a cdrom disc,
  • boot the cdrom from your old laptop and test it with DidJiX,
  • quit DidJiX with Ctrl q keys,
  • switch to the second console with Ctrl Alt F2 keys,
  • install DidJiX on the laptop hard disk with the next command,

  •   cat /dev/sr0 > /dev/sda

    /dev/sda is supposed to be the internal hard disk of your old laptop: data on this device will be overwritten!
  • switch back to the first console with Ctrl Alt F1 keys,
  • press Return key at prompt to power off,
  • power on the laptop and, before booting, eject the cdrom.

That's all! DidJiX is now on your old laptop!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Keyboard shortcuts

DidJiX now comes with OpenBox as window manager and some keyboard shortcuts defined.

  • Win e will start Qtfm music file manager
  • Win m will start Alsa mixer
  • Win t will start a terminal

And of course, Alt Tab will switch between opened windows...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Change DidJiX behavior

You have installed DidJiX, us version, on your nice external usb hard drive but all your keybaords are AZERTY!
It's just an example because there's a french version of DidJix :-)
You have changed the /root/.bash_profile and /root/.xinitrc but all these changes are lost at reboot!
Yes, it's a live system and these files are, in fact, modified in memory :-(
And you would like to have an xterm started with Mixxx!
I don't know why but why not ;-)

So what?
Remember that a second partition was automatically created by DidJiX at the first boot and that it's available through /mnt/Mixxx/Musics...

From Mixxx, switch to the second console with Ctrl Alt F2 keys and type the following commands.

 echo loadkeys fr > /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.bashrc
 echo setxkbmap fr > /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc
 echo "xterm &" > /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.openrc

Now switch back to the first console with Ctrl Alt F1 keys, quit Mixxx with Ctrl q (not yet french...) keys and restart it with the Ctrl c keys at prompt... It's ok? :-)

Reboot DidJiX... Always ok? :-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DidJiX 1.0 is up!

The new release of DidJiX is here... with ArchLinux up to date, Mixxx up to date, OpenBox, Qtfm, safe updates, easy extension, cookbook, and cetera... !

ArchLinux comes with kernel 3.6.10 and systemd 196-2, Mixxx is now at 1.10.1, OpenBox 3.5.0 provides window management, Qtfm 5.5 provides music management, next updates will keep saved musics, Bash login, X initialisation and OpenBox session can easily be extended through rc scripts, the DidJiX recipe is available on, etc...

Go to the download page, download it and try it...