Saturday, December 29, 2012

My old laptop as DidJiX...

You have an old laptop and you want it to be your DidJix system, without using an other media... It is possible, and easily, with DidJix! If DidJiX can be installed on an external hard disk, it can be installed on an internal.

  • First, download the lastest DidJiX iso image from the download page,
  • burn iso image onto a cdrom disc,
  • boot the cdrom from your old laptop and test it with DidJiX,
  • quit DidJiX with Ctrl q keys,
  • switch to the second console with Ctrl Alt F2 keys,
  • install DidJiX on the laptop hard disk with the next command,

  •   cat /dev/sr0 > /dev/sda

    /dev/sda is supposed to be the internal hard disk of your old laptop: data on this device will be overwritten!
  • switch back to the first console with Ctrl Alt F1 keys,
  • press Return key at prompt to power off,
  • power on the laptop and, before booting, eject the cdrom.

That's all! DidJiX is now on your old laptop!