Sunday, December 30, 2012

Keep the historic of Mixxx

The history of Mixxx is stored in ~/.mixxx and therefore in the memory. This is why, whenever you turn off DidJiX, all your games and scores are lost.

To change this behaviour, follow these steps.
  • Open a terminal over Mixxx with Win t keys,
  • run these commands to change your .xinitrc script,

      echo "[ -d /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.mixxx ] || cp -a ~/.mixxx /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/" \
      >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc
      echo "rm -rf ~/.mixxx" >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc
      echo "ln -s /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.mixxx ~" >> /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc

  • close the terminal with Ctrl d keys and quit Mixxx with Ctrl q keys,
  • at prompt, restart Mixxx with Ctrl c keys or reboot DidJiX with Enter key

1 comment:

  1. After I go through this procedure and I ctrl-c, I select the library folder and then i get an error about QT... any ideas on this. By the way: awesome distro! What a great idea and what a great way to implement everything. Simply genius!