Thursday, December 27, 2012

Change DidJiX behavior

You have installed DidJiX, us version, on your nice external usb hard drive but all your keybaords are AZERTY!
It's just an example because there's a french version of DidJix :-)
You have changed the /root/.bash_profile and /root/.xinitrc but all these changes are lost at reboot!
Yes, it's a live system and these files are, in fact, modified in memory :-(
And you would like to have an xterm started with Mixxx!
I don't know why but why not ;-)

So what?
Remember that a second partition was automatically created by DidJiX at the first boot and that it's available through /mnt/Mixxx/Musics...

From Mixxx, switch to the second console with Ctrl Alt F2 keys and type the following commands.

 echo loadkeys fr > /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.bashrc
 echo setxkbmap fr > /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.xinitrc
 echo "xterm &" > /mnt/Mixxx/Musics/.openrc

Now switch back to the first console with Ctrl Alt F1 keys, quit Mixxx with Ctrl q (not yet french...) keys and restart it with the Ctrl c keys at prompt... It's ok? :-)

Reboot DidJiX... Always ok? :-)

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  1. .bashrc will operate on console at bash login, .xinitrc will load during X initialisation and .openrc will run at OpenBox session.