Sunday, June 29, 2014

DidJiX 2.0 is online!

The new release of DidJiX is online!

The biggest change is that the DidJiX USB removable media is now compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac : all DidJiX is now on a single FAT32 partition.

Read more and download DidJiX from his new hosting...


  1. I'm really loving this. But two things are bugging me.
    One is it possible to do updates as with regular Arch?
    And for some reason it just keeps crashing randomly on me.

  2. hi,
    #1 no, it's impossible : you can make a "pacman -Syu" in DidJiX but all changes will be lost on poweroff.
    #2 not for me, you're the only (for now) to have report this problem... db corrupted, damaged mp3... : have you looked at this side? if you have more information about this, I'm interested.

    (sorry for the response time)

  3. hi again, I come back about DidJiX update.

    if it's just « add a software to my DidJiX » and not « update all my DidJiX system », so you can.
    first, have a look here :

    scripts « .bashrc », « .xinitrc » and « .openrc » are now searched in « /didjix/ » folder from DidJiX 2.0.
    so, for example, you can make a « /update/ » folder on your DidJiX removable media, save your package(s) in it, and install package(s) from « /didjix/.bashrc » script.
    each time DidJiX start, it will play « /didjix/.bashrc » script and install your package(s), and more if you want...

    script « .bashrc » is played on each tty (1 & 2) : for package(s) installation, make a tty test in « .bashrc » script (if [ "$(tty)" == "/dev/tty1" ] then ... fi).

  4. Downloaded, let's give it a try!

  5. hi lacsaP!

    2 years later...

    having read helpful infos in this blog and tested didjix 2.0 with mixxx 1.11.0 from late 2014 it's now 2016 and since almost half a year, mixxx 2.0 is out there.

    is there any chance for a new didjix version coming with mixxx 2.0?
    didjix 2.0 run's like a charme even on my old sammy N130 netbook - amazing!

    thanks, holger

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