Sunday, December 11, 2011

DidJiX 0.2 is in the stores!

The new release of DidJiX is here!

This new version uses the free space left on usb device : you can copy in your favorite music from your operating system.
These, embedded with DidJiX, will be directly accessible from Mixxx...

Go to the download page, download it and try it...


  1. Will use it for new years eve next week.
    Excellent (because superfast from USB stick).

    3 items, I am still struggling with :
    - when changing Skin in Preferences, the menu disappears behind the main mixer screen (solved by Exit-ing and restarting Mixxx)
    - I can not enter anything in the menus by keyboard (keyboard works in main menu though). Mainly a problem for defining crates (solved by booting in Ubuntu and making symbolic link to the USB stick Mixxx database and setting up my crates in Ubuntu)
    - I don't know how to change keyboard layout to US (loadkey us doesn't work for me)

    But still, it is fully functional and superfast in this stand alone boot setup (it did recognize my additional USB stick sound device (Speedlink VIGO USB Soundcard) for the headphones without any problem).

    Merci beaucoup!

  2. i tried to start didjix from cd on an old laptop
    but i get a black screen ,i think this is a display setting error

  3. Hi,

    The first two issues raised are posed by the lack of a window manager.

    To change your X keyboard layout, edit the file "~/.xinitrc" and change "setxkbmap" to "us". Unfortunately, this change will be lost at reboot (next version of DidJiX will address this problem...).

    DidJiX may encounter some compatibility issues with some hardwares, especially with video cards...

    Happy New Year 2012!


  4. Hi lacsaP, (Pascal?)

    Amazing work, I've been thinking about making an ArchLinux based live audio system, and you've already done it!

    I'd love to chat about adding X, and LXDE to your minimal system, to allow a touch more functionality (as would be needed by the software I want to run on it)

    email me on harry haaren (at) gmial . moc if you want to see if we can collaborate..? Or even if you just want to help me out ;) -Harry

  5. I'm getting the same results as the first commenter, those being that this is super fast! I'm running it as a liveCD and it works great, except for the setting bug previously described.

    I did want to know - where do I edit to change the cursor?

  6. Also, how would I go about changing the keyboard layout before burning a liveCD? Or at the very least, while running it after boot?

  7. What can I do to add music to a live cd? I've tried modifying the ISO with PowerISO, adding folders to the demo directory, but the resulting burned disc won't boot :/

    1. I just have a look on the page of "PowerIISO" and it seems capable of creating a bootable disk: copy the contents of DidJiX in a new folder, add your music to the folder that already contains and use PowerISO to generate a new bootable disk.
      If this does not work, use a linux live cd (eg Ubuntu) which should contain all the necessary tools...

  8. Just used DidJIX for a gig. Worked flawlessly until I needed to change something in the prefs. I had to forego it because the prefs menu was stuck behind the main interface. Sucked. That preferences dialog bug really should be prioritized?

    Other than that, a+ work. Thank you!!

    1. Currently, DidJiX does not use a window manager, then, indeed, impossible to retake the preferences window to the foreground when it disappears behind the mixing desk.

  9. I'm getting skipping of playing deck when loading a track into the cue deck, and its happening on several laptops with both the DidJiX USB version and liveCD version. I have Mixxx preferences set to static EQ and the latency at 42ms. This regular skipping happened during two separate gigs I did. I keep using DidJiX because unlike the other versions of Mixxx, it has never crashed on me, and DidJiX has excellent response time. But this was embarrassing.

    The following Mixxx bug may have something to do with this, and the fix described might be able fix this in a future version:

    By the way, to the people complaining about the preferences getting lost behind the interface until restart, I've run MixxxOS 1.2 and it has the same issue - every time an interface preference was changed, the dialog gets stuck behind the interface. This isn't just a DidJiX issue.

    1. The holidays are fast approaching and, hopefully, a new version of DidJiX should come ... Archlinux currently offers the latest version of Mixxx (1.10.1).

      Currently, DidJiX does not use a window manager, then, indeed, impossible to retake the preferences window to the foreground when it disappears behind the mixing desk.

  10. Man, that means you really have to be sure of your settings before the gig starts!! No second chances, remember that people!

    Its probably better not to have a window manager in terms of lightness, but maybe there's some kind of workaround or hack that causes a multi-window generating application to behave like a window manager...

  11. Would be nice to hear some tunes, dance music obviously?