Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i18n in DidJiX 0.1

As its author, the keyboard is in french (fr) from Syslinux to Mixxx, and through the consoles tty1 and tty2. Man pages and locales are in the same state, i.e. fr only.

For Syslinux modes, use  ;e;ory  for  memory ,  hqrdzqre  for  hardware  and  fqilsqfe  for  failsafe  if your keyboard is QWERTY.

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  1. On Mixx, use the key combination [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F2] to access the second console, then combination [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F3] to return to Mixxx.
    On tty2 (the second console), use command " loadkeys us " to switch to american keyboard querty.